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TRAVEL HOTSPOT / USA: Cuddling with the sea lions in San Diego

23 July 2015
Laatste update: 13 September 2017

In the far southwest of the United States, next to the border with Mexico, lies one of my favorite cities of North Amerika: San Diego! Not only the city itself is quiet lovely (you should go visit The Gaslamp Quarter!), but there is also a lot of stuff to do around town. You can go surfing in the Pacific Ocean, hiking in Torrey Pines or even take a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico, what I did as well. But one thing around this nice city stole my heart: the sea lions in La Jolla.

It takes me quiet a long time to go from my hostel in the Hillcrest area to the beach in La Jolla. The day before we went by car to Torrey Pikes, which is further up north and that took us around twenty minutes. But I have to take the bus this time and one and a half our later I am finally there. It is pretty quiet and all I see are some nice houses, palm trees and the blue ocean. Looks good so far!

But the main reason I am here is because I want to visit the Children’s Pool Beach. A lovely small sandy beach once made for people to swim safely, but now taken over by… sea lions! When I walk down the beach I don’t see any sea lion so far at all. But what I do see are a lot of pelicans and squirrels. I am really surprised by the fact that you can see so many animals in a city! And apparently they are quite used to the people as well, because they are coming really close by. After a walk for about one kilometer I see suddenly some kind of wall into the ocean and behind that wall a crowded beach. But not with people, no, the beach is all covered by lovely sea lions – big ones, young ones, but most of them, lazy ones.


Aren’t they extremely cute? At Children’s Pool Beach you can’t reach them. If you want to watch them you have to stand behind a line. I think that has probably to do with the fact that you can find a lot of young sea lions there. How surprised was I when I walked a bit further, and I saw sea lions lying on the beach between the people! There were even people snorkeling in the water and the sea lions joined them. What a shame I forgot to take my bikini with me (although everyone was wearing a wet suit – don’t imagine things, despite the palm trees you can find in La Jolla the Pacific Ocean is extremely cold). Although it’s better to leave them alone of course and just enjoy their company. That was not a problem!

Sea lions San Diego

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