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TRAVEL STORY / USA: Grand Canyon

22 November 2015
Laatste update: 12 September 2017

‘It’s all about the first few seconds. That’s all that counts. When you suddenly see it and the only thing you can still think about is: Wow. This is just amazing!’

I never met anyone before I agreed with more.

I don’t know what time it was that morning. Or how late it was that night actually. The only thing I still remember, is that it was too early, we didn’t had much sleep and we all preferred to stay in bed at that moment, but we forced ourselves to get up, because all of it would be worth it. Everything.

It was dark and cold outside. Extremely cold. A cold I hadn’t felt already for a couple of months. I was shivering outside like an idiot, despite the fact that I was wearing thick clothing. After spending four months in the tropical heat of Southeast Asia this weather was just like hell. So at that moment I preferred to run back and to curl up in bed again. Away from all the darkness. Away from all the cold. Even the bright sky full of stars was not interesting that moment. Why would I want this?

We got into the car and drove away. The grayish hotel just outside Flagstaff was swallowed up by the night. We drove towards silence. The only sound the engine of the car and the radio, spreading out little tunes towards the small area. But like every time the night disappeared and slowly we saw a burning ray of sunlight popping up above the hilltops. The road ahead of us was suddenly visible; a never-ending road with an eternal view. A view so splendid, I can only name it unrealistic. No one around us, but deers. O yes. Not small deers like we have in the Netherlands. They don’t accept small things in the USA.

I still regret the fact that I couldn’t use my camera at that moment. That I was too lazy. But I just wanted to enjoy that incredible moment. The sky was turning colors; from dark blue to purple, pink and orange. The hilltops. The trees. The deers. No one there but us. Silence. What is time? At that moment nothing.

Sometimes I wish that moments would never disappear, because I would love to stay in this moment forever

And suddenly the hills are gone. And the amount of trees is shrinking. We are driving towards the Grand Canyon and I just don’t understand why such a magnificent wonder of nature can still be so invisible. It makes sense, yes. But it’s unrealistic at the same time. Like someone is making a joke and we will still drive straight ahead for the next couple of hours. Until I take a look at the left side and see the incredible, deep cleaves called Grand Canyon. Red-colored rocks painted by shadows of the upcoming sun. I could never, never imagine that I would end up at this place when I hopped on the airplane to Thailand. A dream. From nothing to reality. Wow, this is just amazing indeed!

Grand Canyon

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