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Hi there! Guess where I was last week? In London! Although London is pretty easy to visit when you travel out of the Netherlands, I have never been there before. Even though it’s not more than an one hour flight. So it slowly became time to see this world city. Luckily I traveled with someone from London before when I was in Panama and he asked me to come over for a couple of days. Sure!

The nice thing about being in London with a local is that you are also able to see some fun stuff which are not that touristic (which means: mainly pubs). But especially the first two days I behaved like a typical tourist and visited the main attractions around the city centre. London has way more to offer and so the other days I spend more outside the main centre. But let me show you where I spend the first two days!

Day one

So the first day I arrived with an early morning flight on Stansted Airport. I already arrived at 08.30 am, so enough time this day to see a lot of stuff. I met up my friend, we left my luggage in a pub (he knew the owner) and we walked mainly around the eastern part of the center. This way I got to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, the Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The weather for London in October was just perfect and in the afternoon we ended up eating sushi and drinking some beers in a few pubs. Good day!

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Day two

We woke up early to get a typical English breakfast first. This time we spend mainly our time around the west side of the centre. That means visiting the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Harrods. Especially in Hyde Park we spend quite a lot of time. I mean, how often does it happen that you can actually walk around in a t-shirt in London in October!? Pretty rare, right? I was so happy with that!

The other days were a bit more relaxing and I even got some time to meet up with another friend I traveled with before. She is not from London, but was around there as well. How funny is that!

Have you ever been to London?

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