TRAVEL / Budget: Flying cheap with Skyscanner

1 April 2017
Laatste update: 4 June 2018

When I have lots of work to do and no travel plans, I quite often visit the Skyscanner website. There is a really simple explanation for that. It’s fairly easy to score really cheap flight tickets! Perfect for a nice city trip or to escape for the weekend. You just need to know a little trick…

When it comes to buying plane tickets, Skyscanner is by far my favorite website to book them. I already booked my tickets multiply times with Skyscanner and every time for a cheap price. If you are a little bit flexible with your dates and even more with your destination, it’s possible to fly for such a ridiculous price. Pretty awesome if you spontaneously want to go away for the weekend or want to explore a new city!

Using the ‘everywhere function’ on Skyscanner

The reason why you can find such cheap plane tickets with Skyscanner is simply because you can use a search function you can not use on any other booking site. This function is called the ‘everywhere function’. As soon as you filled in from which airport you want to leave, you can fill in as destination ‘everywhere’. Skyscanner then searches for every possible destination from your departure airport. And so it can happen that you find a really cheap ticket… I used this trick to fly to Dublin. At the end of February I had four days off and I really wanted to go away. On Skyscanner I filled in that I wanted to leave from Eindhoven Airport to ‘everywhere’. Yes! I found a return ticket to Dublin (with only carry-on luggage) for not even € 25,-.
Skyscanner | Fly Cheap

Search per month

You already have a destination in mind but no date yet? Then there is another function you can use with Skyscanner. You can search on a whole month instead of a specific date. I used this function to find the cheapest ticket when I was in the United States and wanted to fly back to the Netherlands. All the tickets where between € 400,- and € 500,- one way. But there was one day in July the ticket was just € 149,- (including luggage and all taxes!). I thought it had to be a mistake, but I really ended up paying just that amount of money. That was the day I came back home after six months of traveling.

Destination unknown

What I like about the ‘everywhere function’ is that you can really surprise yourself with a destination. I never really care where I am going to. My bucket list is kind of endless at this moment. I love traveling, other cultures and exploring new places. And I can do that everywhere around the world. Far away and close to home. So that’s why I am really easy when I have to pick a new destination. Or you can actually say that I let Skyscanner choose my destination. I went to Dublin because that was the cheapest option at that moment, but you can also find tickets to places you would never think about going. That brings you to new, exciting places.

Using the ‘everywhere function’ with Skyscanner

  • Go to the Skyscanner website.
  • Check if you want to have a one way ticket or a return ticket.
  • At ‘from’ you have to fill in your airport where you want to depart.
  • At ‘to’ you can fill in ‘everywhere’. If you click on it and wait for a second, it shows you ‘Flexible?’. You can also click on that.
  • Fill in the date you want to go away and the number of people you want to travel with.
  • Now find your supercheap ticket! Enjoy your travels!


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