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TRAVEL DIARY / #6: Waiting for work

10 February 2017
Laatste update: 13 September 2017

Do you remember my last travel diary? The one diary I told about the way we traveled way too fast to be on time for a job? Wherein I told you guys that the work was delayed and that I had no clue when we could finally start? Well, I can tell you now, not much has changed. Not yet. But luckily they are about to change.

Griffith. Almost four weeks ago. We arrived on a campsite and decided to stay there. Soon we heard the news that our work in a wine cellar was delayed for at least three weeks. Shit. There were no other words for that. Just shit. That was not the way we planned it at all! Luckily we also got the news that the company was busy finding work for some people for the time being. Daan got lucky and he could start almost straight away. And what about me? Well, I waited for that one phone call with the message I could start as well. But my phone remained silent.

Unscheduled days

Every morning I had to bring Daan to his work. Around 6.45 am I arrived back on the campsite, just at the moment when the sun came up and the mosquitoes finally decided to look for another place to stay rather than my body. Days without any plan. Why we stayed there while there was no work for me to do? I wonder that myself sometimes as well. First you have some hope that you can start soon. And at the very moment that feeling of hope is slipping away, you get in the situation that work should really start soon now. Well, it should right? So we stayed. Financially it was also the best decision we could make. In the end it’s better that at least one of us is working. God knows how much time it would take to find another job. And changes are minimal they pay as good as this job does.

Never a dull moment

But believe me or not, I wasn’t bored at all. I started running again, did yoga and meditation. I worked a lot on my blog. And I was busy reading books and websites. I started an online course. And – like it had to be that way – I got some freelance work from the Netherlands. So I ended up working a little bit anyway. I could have made the decision to go fruit picking, but after all the horrible stories I heard from backpackers around this area about getting paid badly and getting sick during work, I decided to not to. I am just not going to pick grapes and pack them for $ 3,- per 10 kilo while it’s soaking hot. Neither am I going to work in a place where people get sick because there is too much carbon monoxide hanging around in the air. I simply refuse to do that. Not because I am lazy, but I just don’t want to stimulate disgusting situations like those. I think I can do better things with my time (and my health!).Travel Diary, Barossa Valley, Street art, work, werk

Living in a hotel

One thing did change and that was the place we stayed. After spending two weeks on the campsite, we came to the conclusion that it would not really work out in combination with work. It was just too hot, with temperatures around 43-Celsius degrees during the day and night temperatures sometimes around 30-Celsius degrees. Its just torture when you have to sleep in a car with those temperatures. Especially at the moment when the sun goes down and the mosquitoes just destroy you, even after using a lot of mosquito spray. We agreed on searching for another place to stay. And the next day we were already lucky. We found a room in a hotel that was just $ 50,- more expensive per week. But now we have a room with air-conditioning (and no mosquitoes!) and we can use the kitchen to make our own food. There were actually no rooms left anymore, but we called them exactly at the right moment. Someone didn’t show up and we got the room. That’s what I call luck.

Finally starting

But the good news is: I can finally start working! Yes, for real this time. This Monday I will start and now we can finally both save money for our next travel adventures. For now – but that can always change obviously – we will work here till around Eastern. And the most exciting thing is: when we finish work here, we should have saved enough money in Australia to travel around for another four months in Australia and for eight months in Asia. How fantastic does that sound! The work will be severe, because we have to work outside and it’s summertime at this moment (at the moment I am writing this Daan is working outside and it will be 46-degrees Celsius today…), but we can realize so many travel dreams afterwards. We already bought boat tickets to Tasmania (ok, we might have to change the dates, but they were cheap now!) and for the rest we will see. I just can’t wait to hit the road again!
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