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TRAVEL DIARY / #5: From Adelaide to the next job

22 January 2017
Laatste update: 13 September 2017

Back in November I wrote my last travel diary. And it’s not that nothing happened in between. I was just not busy with writing travel diaries for a while. I was just busy with time, with our daily life in Australia, especially in Adelaide. With taking care of a lot of things and making new plans. Luckily we started a little road trip again about two weeks ago.

In my blog ‘Traveling for four months’ you can read that I sometimes do miss the ‘travel feeling’ here in Australia. When you do your daily groceries at the Aldi, you have to call the post office multiply times because of a lost parcel, you have to take care of your health insurance because they lost all your personal details, you have to get fuel, make food and do the dishes, and when you have to arrange your banking stuff, it might not be that strange that your not really into travel diaries at that moment. They just won’t get that exciting. But when we left Adelaide, we could finally taste a bit of Australia again. Enjoy traveling. Enjoy the country. Although we didn’t had much time to travel around, we did see a lot. Really a lot.

Spotting koala’s

We just had about a week to get from Adelaide to Griffith, the place where we were supposed to start working but where we are not completely working so far yet. It was quiet a spontaneous decision to go that there. And we still had a lot of things on our ‘this is what we want to do in South Australia’ list. So in a bit of a hurry we jumped into our van for a road trip. Yes! Our first destination: The Barossa Valley. But not before we made a stop at Cleland National Park to spot a wild koala. We came, saw and conquered. After a meter of fifty. Yes, a koala in a tree! Afterwards it would be the only koala we would see that day, but I couldn’t care less. I could cross it off my bucket list.
Travel Diary Koala Cleland Park

The Barossa Valley

We continued our journey through the Adelaide Hills, stayed for the night around Tanunda and started our route along the Barossa Valley the next morning. Wow, what an amazing landscape filled with round hills, fields of grain, old fences and big old trees; horses, cows, sheep, lovely villages and… wine fields. That’s what life is about in the Barossa Valley. Wine. And that’s why you can find hundreds of wine cellars around there. We tasted wine. We tasted cheese. We bought it both. We drove with our van around lonesome roads, to stunning viewpoints, villages, wine fields and palm trees. We visited Hahndorf, small Germany in Australia, completely with bier und bockworst. But we didn’t like it that much. Therefore we didn’t fly to the other side of the world.

After driving for two days around the valleys we wanted to see the ocean in the south before we would head inland again. The route along McLaren Vale and Currency Creek was even more stunning than the Barossa Valley. Rough rocks, old trees and desolated landscapes. I couldn’t get my eyes of it. At Currency Creek something happened that didn’t happen before to us. We camped on a free camping spot full with backpackers. That was a fun night. That morning also something happened that didn’t happen before. We woke up extremely late and the whole camping was empty. Time to quickly drive again.
Travel Diary Barossa Valley South Australia
Travel Diary Barossa Valley Wine
Travel Diary Barossa Valley
Travel Diary Barossa Valley Wine Cellar

Back to the coast

We drove towards Victor Harbor and saw the ocean again. How much I liked the Barossa Valley, I do love the ocean and the coastline more. I was so happy to see them again. And I am so happy to know that we will travel along the coast for months soon. In Victor Harbor we took the bridge to Granite Island, a stunning, rough island with gigantic rocks you can walk around in less than an hour. Wow! It was a fantastic island and the rocks were really impressive. Every time I stopped to take some pictures. It took us a bit more than an hour to visit it.
Travel Diary Granite Island Victor Harbor
Travel Diary Granite Island Victor Harbor Birds
After spending some time in Victor Harbor we drove along the road to search for a camping spot. We try to camp for free as much as possible and so far that worked out pretty much the whole time. But this time we couldn’t find any place. So we decided to camp along the beach. Best choice we could ever make. We haven’t been on such a stunning camping spot in Australia so far, with an amazing view over the ocean and massive cliffs. We looked at each other and agreed with one thing: this is what we were looking for in Australia.
Travel Diary Camping South Australia

Through the mist

I was looking forward to the sunset. I was hoping to be awake on time for the sunrise. But the sky turned grey and it started to rain pretty badly. Of course. So the next morning we woke up a little bit less romantic than expected. I was a bit disappointed. Our last day at the coast with this weather? We drove away early because the ocean was suddenly pretty close to us and the road slippery. But we drove away safely. Into the mist. Mist. That was a first here in Australia. The higher we drove into the hills, the less we saw. Until we literally couldn’t see anything anymore. You’ve got to be kidding me. At Port Willunga the mist disappeared a bit but the sky remained grey and rainy. The coastline looked suddenly really different.
Travel Diary Port Willunga bad weather
How awesome that Google decided that the sky would clear up soon. So we waited for the rain to stop while drinking some coffee in the McDonalds. At 8.30 in the morning. What should have been a romantic breakfast at the beach along a beautiful sunrise turned out to be a morning with breakfast on a rainy parking lot and a wet date in a fast food chain. That’s how plans can change. But at the end of the morning it got dry. And when we drove towards Second Valley, the clouds disappeared as well. It was suddenly clear and sunny. We couldn’t have breakfast at the beach, but at least we had our lunch now at the beach. Surrounded by awesome cliffs and rocks as well.
Travel Diary Second Valley

Back to work

We had to say goodbye to the ocean. Goodbye to the soft weather and the lovely region. Because we still had to drive for more than 800 kilometers in just two days towards Griffith in New South Wales. We were so tired when we arrived in the village. Tired because we travelled way too fast the last week. Tired because it’s not that great when you have to drive so much in two days. But we had to, because Daan already needed to start his work at the company we will work for. I still had a week off. We asked before if we could start on the same date, but no. We both had to be there on our deducted dates. But on Daan his first day they told him the work was delayed. Not for one day. Not for a week. Both for about a month. Seriously? Yes.

We weren’t that happy of course. Disappointed actually. Did we hurry up for this? Did we drive 500 kilometers inland for nothing? Why could they not have told us this earlier so we could have changed our plans? Do we really had to wait for about a month in the middle of nowhere were the temperature can rise up till about 44 degrees? We already started to think about going to Melbourne. But luckily, after a bit complaining, Daan could start his work at another department. That’s a good thing! Hopefully I can start soon as well.
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