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TRAVEL DIARY / #7: Celebrating the little moments

13 March 2017
Travel Diary | Birthday Cake
Laatste update: 13 September 2017

When doing groceries become the highlight of your travels, you now for sure there must be something wrong. Or maybe not. Luckily you always have those small, beautiful things in life, so there is something to celebrate anyway when life gets the same everyday. Especially this week I enjoyed those moments even more.

I am not kidding. Doing groceries is in fact the highlight of our week at the moment. Yes, that doesn’t really sound pleasing and you would never expect that to happen when you are traveling around the world. I mean, why would I go traveling then anyway? But seriously, at this moment it’s a good thing. Whut? Yeah, no kidding. It really is a good thing. We can be really luckily that doing groceries once a week is actually our highlight of the week.

Working in Australia

It actually means that we are working our asses off at the moment so we can save up a lot of money to travel for a long time from next month on. Meanwhile I worked for four weeks now. The first week was ok, but I just had to work for three days. The second week I was tired. The third week simply broken. But now, after working for almost a month, I finally get used to the work I do. It’s pretty physical and that combined with the Australian heat. But honestly, I surprised myself. In the beginning I was afraid I wasn’t able to do the job. That the warmth would literally knock me out. That I wouldn’t be strong enough to handle all the work. But everything goes fine, as long as I take good care of myself. And that’s what I do.

Most of the time we go to bed between 8pm and 9pm. Sometimes we watch a movie, the other time I already fall asleep after watching for five minutes. Around 5am the alarm goes off. Around 6.30am we start our job in a wine cellar. There I have to carry a lot of heavy stuff upstairs, downstairs and wherever I have to bring it to transfer wine from one thank to the other. Maybe you picture yourself now a tiny, charming wine cellar surrounded by vineyards and where they keep the wine in wooden barrels. Well no. You can definitely see some vineyards growing towards the hills when you are standing on top of the tanks. Especially in the morning it gives a great view at the moment the sun comes up. But try to imagine some tanks next to each other with around one million liters of wine each. That’s what I’m saying. Not so charming.

Looking at the bright side

After working for five days in row we feel exhausted. So we don’t have that much energy left to do anything at the end of the week. Well, there is not much to do around here anyway. There is a small national park not that far away, with a waterfall… but there is no waterfall at the moment. There is a pub beneath our apartment and sometimes it can be a little bit busy around there. But next to that doing groceries is our highlight. I know. I didn’t expect that to happen as well while working and traveling abroad, so I try to see it from the bright side:

A) My condition is getting better and better.
B) My bank account loves me at the moment.
C) The work motivates me to keep on freelancing in the near future.
D) Within six weeks we are done here and we will hit the road and no one can stop us. Road trippin’!

If you look at it like this it’s not a bad at all that doing the groceries is the highlight of our lives at the moment.

Other highlights

Luckily this weekend there were quite some other highlights. I celebrated my birthday (check the picture of the cake if you want to know my age). We were traveling for exactly six months. And we met each other a year ago. If that’s not reason enough for a party! These days were so nice and it’s so weird to realize that our lives have changed so much over a year. But it feels so amazing that everything goes just perfectly. We took an unknown road together but we directly found the right way. To celebrate it we went out for dinner on Friday night. Ok, I slept again around 8.30pm. And the groceries. Well, we still had to do them, but this weekend they were not the highlight for a change.
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