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TRAVEL STORY / Panama: Living life on San Blas

5 November 2015
Laatste update: 12 September 2017

Slowly I am crossing the island through the powdery, white colored sand. It doesn’t take long before my feet touch the soft water again. Maybe a couple of minutes. The palmtree leaves are making soft noises in the air above my head. Carefully I take a step aside, afraid that a yellow colored coconut will fall down on my head. It doesn’t really matter where I look: the turquoise ocean is so bright that the color is almost hurting my eyes. It feels like I am staring at a picture in a travel leaflet, but it’s reality.

Paradise on earth? I thought I already found paradise in the south of Thailand, but everything seems to be a little bit more beautiful around here. I find myself on one of the San Blas Islands, one of the many islands in the Caribbean Sea. Around me I notice nothing more then the bright ocean, the palm trees, small cabins and shells. Together with some other travellers and locals from the Kuna tribe, I spend my day here with doing nothing. Literally nothing, because time here is nothing more then a useless four letter word. Your life is based on the rhythm of the sun. Your food on what nature brings that day. You breath and you stare at the sea. And that’s it. I have to get used to it, but at the same time it feels so nice.

With a jeep we crossed the land from south to north to come here, from Panama City. A nauseous making but beautiful journey with endless curves, across hills and through the jungle of Panama, where fields of mist were playing with the top of the trees and where big flowers were trying to find their way along the dusty path. We ended up in a small boat which brought us to the island. The water in the harbor looks disgusting. A brownish colored mess and for a moment I am wondering if paradise will become reality. But soon I’ll find out it exist. It really does.

It is a weird thought: spending two nights and three days on an island, with unknown people around you and nothing to do. No working smartphones. No internet. No way to escape for a day. It almost feels like I am joining Expedition Robinson. Quickly we become best mates and we fill our days with swimming, snorkeling, fishing and bottles of rum. Because yes – of course – one of the few things you can find here.

But in a certain way it is also a nice thought. Oh, the world still continues on without having daily stress. And I decide to enjoy it. To enjoy all the beauty around me and the timelessness. Enjoy the fact that the sun is shining and that I am surrounded by unknown people. Enjoy the fact that these unknowns becoming friends pretty fast – and I still have contact with them. And the fact that even in the night you can jump into the warm water, because the stars and the moon are so bright that it’s not even necessary to use lamp. Only beneath the palm trees is dark because of the heavy leaves. I enjoy life for a moment without having anything. And somehow it feels really comfortable knowing that this place exist. A place where you can enjoy life the way life is.

San Blas boat

San Blas palm tree

San Blas star fish

San Blas Caribbean Sea

San Blas My Travel Journal

San Blas

San Blas palm tree

San Blas coconut palm tree

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