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TRAVEL DIARY / USA: From Asia to America

13 May 2015
Laatste update: 19 April 2017

And then you’re standing suddenly with both feet in The United States of America, in Los Angeles. I know I can be a bit impulsive now and then, but buying an airplane ticket from Kuala Lumpur to L.A. is probably the most impulsive thing I ever did – so far. It was not my plan at all to travel in the US during this trip, but I already said in the beginning that it wouldn’t surprise me if I would end up in another part of the world as well. And that’s the good thing about traveling with a one-way ticket: you can enter the whole world and you can go wherever you want to go. So that’s why I changed the fried rice and noodle soup for king size burgers and pizza’s. A new adventure in the States is about to begin!

Two weeks ago I was walking around in the dusty streets of Myanmar. Now I am amazed by all the luxury Los Angeles has to offer. I am not used to that anymore! Can there be a bigger contrast? I notice that I got a bit used to the Asian lifestyle. Now I can suddenly drink water out of the tap again. And I don’t have to pee in a hole in the ground anymore. I still walk around barefoot in the hostel, because that’s a standard thing to do in Asia – but not here. And I have to get used again to my fancy clothes. No dirty but comfy clothes anymore with an elephant print and holes in my trousers. For the first time in months I am wearing jeans again and it’s incredibly annoying.

I might be a bit glad that I left Asia for now. After four times food poisoning, infections and bad food my body is a bit tired. I also couldn’t handle the heat anymore. And despite the fact that I got used to their lifestyle, a bit more comfort is welcome as well. But nevertheless I leave Asia with almost nothing but great memories about the fantastic time I had there. I saw incredible things, was surprised many times, met the nicest people from across the world, learned a lot about other cultures, took thousands of pictures, surprised myself and I got a lifetime experience to take with me my whole life. This was the first time Asia for me, but definitely not the last on. Enough countries left worth visiting the next time!

United States of America: let’s see if you can steal my heart as well.

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