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TRAVEL STORY / Indonesia: Between the rice fields on Bali

18 September 2016
Laatste update: 20 April 2017

Yellow. Brown. Arid. Lost blades. Ready to be removed to make space for new seeds. That’s how the rice fields looked like when I saw them for the first time in my life. In the north of Vietnam. Simply bad luck. I visited the fields in the wrong season to see them in their most beautiful state. They still looked reasonable good, but it was wrong to say that they looked incredibly beautiful at that moment.

More and more green

How different were the rice fields on Bali these last days. Green. Bright green. So green that it would make Kermit the Frog jealous. Hidden in the watery fields with upright blades. Surrounded by palm trees, banana trees and other exotic plants. Wow.

On our scooters we drove along the roads to the rice fields North of Tegallalang and East of Beresela, trying to avoid the many other scooters, walking dogs, running chickens and holes in the way. The people there mostly live in stone or wooden houses, hidden in the many stone courts with statues, surrounded by flowers, food and incense sticks. And surrounded by rice fields.

Working woman rice field Bali rijstvelden
Rice field bali pink flower rijstvelden

The rice fields

You directly notice it when you arrive at the rice fields pointed out on a map. Many tourist try to get a glimpse of the green, to then try to make the most special selfies with the wet rice fields on the background. Yes, we were not the only ones who wanted to see the fields. But I have to admit, they were really beautiful around here. Carefully we walked down along the small, muddy stairs, across the small dikes between the watery rice fields. Past the old Balinese man with his self-manufactured barrier made out of bamboo. With a small rope he took it up and down. It was worth the couple of thousand Indonesian Rupiahs we gave him for his work, cause few people had the energy to walk down in the mud. And up again, across the hill.

Past the barrier

Across the hill there were many more rice fields. More beautiful rice fields. Rice fields without a view on tourists and restaurants. People were admiring the fields and walking around here as well. But much less than in the beginning of the fields. Here you could really enjoy the stunning rice fields. We saw a flying lizard. Balinese people were working in the water. Pink flowers neutralized the green color. Dogs were sleeping in the shadow. Palm trees were growing above the fields. A little paradise. That’s how rice fields should look like.

Rice field wetPurple flower in banana tree
My travel journal in rice field
Rice field Bali rijstvelden
Travel together rice fields rijstvelden
Bali rice field rijstvelden
Man in rice field rijstvelden
Rice field Bali rijstvelden
dogs ubud rice field rijstvelden
Rice fields on Bali

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