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An adventure to Ghost Island Koh Phee in Thailand

At the moment you see Koh Phee you might think you just ended up in some adventurous pirate movie. The small island, made out of one giant rock, has the most interesting shape you can imagine. A short distance away from the island of Koh Lanta, this tiny piece of land has the shape… of

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Een blauw tuktuk op Khao San Road in Bangkok.

Bangkok Itinerary: A top 10 list of fun things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those places where a lot of backpackers start their backpack journey around Southeast Asia. So did I. The first time that I arrived in this massive city, I was literally in shock. The Thai capital brings an impressive mix of bright colors and unrecognizable smells, and the busy traffic and chaotic

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Vrouw naast olifant met slurf omhoog in Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

Elephants in Thailand: visit the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is what you say an extraordinary and interesting place to visit. It is a place where injured and mistreated elephants in Thailand can spend the rest of their lives in peace and quiet. Nowadays, Thailand is developing more and more, but unfortunately not always when it comes to

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Budget Koh Tao: How expensive is the Thai bounty island?

Imagine this: for the first time in your life you jump into the ocean to take a dive. You explore the amazing underwater world, before returning back to the island on a speedboat. You eat a delicious Thai curry on the beach, with a stunning view over the ocean and palm trees. During the night

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TRAVEL ITINERARY / A four week itinerary for Thailand

Thailand. The country where my first backpack adventure started. The country I would come back to twice during that same journey. And the country I couldn’t forget about anymore, because there are so many things to see and to do. I share with you my itinerary for Thailand, through the north part of the country.

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Groene groenten op een markt met koopman.

Thai recipe: how to make Thai chicken with cashew nuts

If there is one world kitchen I love the most, no doubt I will choose the Thai kitchen. After traveling around Thailand for the first time and eating some incredible dishes, I straight away signed up for a cooking class in Chiang Mai. I was happy to make there one of my favorite dishes ever: Thai chicken

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