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coming home, sunset Gili Trawangan

MIND / About coming home after traveling the world

Finally you pursued your one dream. You bought that plane ticket, said goodbye to your life back home for a while and now you are having the most amazing time abroad. But all good things come to an end and it’s time to go home. You’re happy that you will see your friends and family

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MIND / Belgium, stay strong. World, stay strong

The world is changing. The world is changing constantly. And it will keep on changing. Forever. Without changes we will stand still and most of time you need progress to continue on in life. But changes are not always that positive. Today I realized how much our world has been changed over the past years.

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Vrouw die uitkijkt over heuvels met begroeiing in Vietnam.

MIND / Travel: Alone is not alone

So you decided to explore the world on your own. A couple of weeks, two months, half a year. It doesn’t matter how long you go, you are going alone and that can be a bit scary sometimes. I admit it immediately: the only fear I had before traveling was nothing but the fear of

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