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TRAVEL HOTSPOT / Walking around the graffiti lanes in Melbourne

One of the highlights in Melbourne? The colorful graffiti lanes! Everywhere around the city centre of Melbourne you will find hidden alleys with amazing, bright street art. Get lost, explore and go to places in the city you normally wish to avoid. Melbourne is like a treasury full of jewels. On every corner of the

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TRAVEL / Australia: Five Great Ocean Road highlights

A rough ocean? Yes. Lots of surfers? Hell yeah. Stunning cliffs and beautiful views? Sure about that! The Great Ocean Road is one of the most populair road trips you can take along Australia and that’s with good reason. Five highlights along the Great Ocean Road you simply can’t miss. With our van we drive

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TRAVEL DIARY / #8: On the road again

It’s done. We are done. Our working days in Australia are finally over! After working for almost half a year on a farm and in a wine cellar, we just finished our last working day. Since yesterday we are officially unemployed again (that never felt so good!) and we can spend our time backpacking around

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Barossa Valley

TRAVEL / Australia: A two-day road trip in the Barossa Valley

One of the first road trips we made in Australia was in the famous Barossa Valley. From Adelaide we drove for two days along the valley and surroundings, across the Adelaide Hills and between the wine fields, palm trees and pine trees. Such an amazing combination and a stunning experience. It was a road trip

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Working Holiday Visa Australia | Great Ocean Road

TRAVEL TIPS / How to get a Working Holiday Visa Australia

Are you dreaming about traveling and earning a lot of money at the same time? Go get yourself a Working Holiday Visa Australia, because Australia is the place to be to live that dream! It’s not only a perfect country for amazing road trips and other incredible activities, but it’s also one of the best

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TRAVEL DIARY / #6: Waiting for work

Do you remember my last travel diary? The one diary I told about the way we traveled way too fast to be on time for a job? Wherein I told you guys that the work was delayed and that I had no clue when we could finally start? Well, I can tell you now, not

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TRAVEL HOTSPOT / Australia: Second Valley

Yellow colored grass plumes whiffle slowly against our legs. The powdery sand on the path makes it difficult to move forward, especially now the hill is getting steeper. I sense a bit of panic in my body: how on earth do we get down again without falling off the hill? But I just have to

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TRAVEL DIARY / #5: From Adelaide to the next job

Back in November I wrote my last travel diary. And it’s not that nothing happened in between. I was just not busy with writing travel diaries for a while. I was just busy with time, with our daily life in Australia, especially in Adelaide. With taking care of a lot of things and making new

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TRAVEL HOTSPOT / Australia: Mungo National Park

Have you ever heard the sound of silence? Or the sound of the wind? This sound seems to be rare at a lot of places around the world. But in the spacious landscape of Australia it isn’t rare at all. But even there it can be hard to find it. But at the moment you

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