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When you forgot about the name of the hostel you are supposed to stay in, don’t have wifi and a good working map on your smartphone and you are in Bruges: better ask the road. The old centre of this fantastic city is not big, but you can easily get lost, walking around in circles between the lovely, narrow streets, and you want to keep the fun stuff for later anyway, don’t you? So that’s what I did after thinking that I was close by, but taking the wrong corner again and again and… again.

The hostel

Luckily it turned out that I was only a few streets away from Lybeer Travellers Hostel, a nice hostel for different kind of travelers within the walls of the old city centre of Bruges. From the outside a nice, cozy looking building and from the inside a pretty luxurious environment for a hostel with a mix of IKEA (including the IKEA tune over the loudspeaker, no kidding). The desk is pretty small, but at the moment you take a step into the common room/bar, you will be surprised. A sky high roof decorated with ornaments and chandeliers, red painted walls stuffed with golden mirrors and a nice black piano and guitar in the corner makes it quiet a fancy place for a backpacker. There are comfortable couches, a big table to work on and the ability to read books or play games. In the back you find a kitchen and a fridge you can use and there is even a small patio. The hostel got three floors and on all of them you can find different types of dorms and private rooms.

The room

At first the beds looked a bit claustrophobic to me and if your are tall and sleeping in the lower bunk bed, you shouldn’t wake up scared after a nightmare and sit up straight in a second. At least you know then that you will probably sleep back in a second again. But I slept perfectly, which had also something to do maybe with some Belgian beers. The beds were quiet comfortable, and it was actually not bad at all not to watch other snorting people. There is a lamp and a charger next to your pillow as well. The only thing missing for me was a place where you can hang your clothes or wet towel. O, and on the picture it looks a bit messy. You can’t choose your roommates!


Every day you can join a free walking tour through town, a nice way to explore the centre and learn something about the buildings and the history of Bruges. Want to explore on your own? They also give you a free map with hotspots, restaurants, shops and other tips. Or check the list with museums at the desk. On Tuesday and Friday they organize a beer tasting in the hostel. You can taste six Belgian beers for € 10,-. Still not enough beer for you? Join the pub crawl which they organize with the other hostels in town. You can join them every night, although I think it was a bit expensive for what you get. The price you pay for a dorm room depends on the season. But it’s between € 16,- and € 30,-.


+ The hostel actually felt more like a hotel then a hostel. If you always think about hostels as a dirty, cheap place, think again. But don’t visit this one if it’s your first time in a hostel, you will be spoiled and freak out if you end up the next time… in a dirty, cheap place.
+ It is in the middle of the centre of Bruges, so you can easily crawl back home when you drank too much Belgium beers.
+ The beds are really comfortable.
+ A really nice environment and I met quiet a lot of happy travelers.

– There were no lockers available in the hostel. Luckily I never had it before that other backpackers stole my stuff, but I always put important stuff away. So I was not really happy with the fact that I had to leave my stuff on the bed, especially because I was sleeping in a dorm with some people who apparently couldn’t care about it and left the door open all the time.
– The amount of showers is pretty limited. So when I wanted to take a shower in the morning, I had to wait for quiet a while. And when I finally had a shower… the water was cold. But that luckily just happend one time.
– Wifi was not always that strong. As soon as it gets a bit busy in the hostel it stopped working. Hopefully a temporary thing!

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