TRAVEL HOTSPOT / Australia: Second Valley

30 January 2017
Laatste update: 12 September 2017

Yellow colored grass plumes whiffle slowly against our legs. The powdery sand on the path makes it difficult to move forward, especially now the hill is getting steeper. I sense a bit of panic in my body: how on earth do we get down again without falling off the hill? But I just have to look at the ocean to forget that thought instantly. That view let me forget everything, except the stunning landscape around us.

Slowly we drive into Yankalilla. The rain and mist that made our morning a bit miserable went away and the sun is shining brightly. The weather in Australia once surprised me again, but this time I am happy about it. We can’t see the ocean yet, but the navigation app on my phone says we’re almost there. I know what to expect, because we have been camping at this place the night before. But it was so stunning I cannot wait to see it again. I am jumping around in the car like a little kid in a candy store.

Along the hills and the ocean

We are on our way to Second Valley, a small town not far away from Normanville. It’s really easy to go here on a day or weekend trip from Adelaide, especially when you want to leave the city for what it is a bit and longing for a quiet place around the ocean. Yankalilla changes into Normanville, and when we almost hit the waves we take a left turn towards Second Valley. And that’s where it begins. Lovely, round, yellow colored hills are what this landscape is about at the left side. On the right hand side you can see the ocean. Slowly the two grow together, until only the road is blocking them from moving together. But it doesn’t take that long before the road makes another turn and the hills and ocean form one scenery. It looks amazing. You can’t name the hills cliffs yet around here, but they will come soon.
Travel Diary, Camping, South Australia, Second Valley

Second Valley

We follow the road with a lot of curves through the hills, but it won’t take that long before we arrive in Second Valley. The beach of Second Valley is small, but there aren’t that many people. You have lots of space around here. We decide to explore the area on the left hand side first and climb over the rocks, with their beautiful shapes and colors. Here you can find old tracks of a former harbor with tram rails. The cliffs are stunningly huge. I know that a few guys from the hostel we stayed in have been here for some cliff diving. I wouldn’t recommend it. The ocean has to many secret and dangerous spots you can’t see with your bare eye.
Second Valley, Travel Hotspot, South Australia
Second Valley, Travel Hotspot, South Australia
Second Valley, Travel Hotspot, South Australia

On top of the cliffs

We turn around, walk along the beach and decide to take the small path that leads to the top of the hill. Walking there is more though than we expected, but it’s so worth it. On top of the yellowish hills – which are already unique and beautiful themselves – you have an amazing view. Not only over the ocean, but everywhere you look. Second Valley isn’t that big, but it really is a stunning place in South Australia. We make it safely down the hill again and we decide to relax on the beach for a bit, where the waves slowly roll against the rocks and the water is so blue you just can’t resist to not wander around in it. We still have to drive a long way and that’s why we don’t have time to stay here that long. But I wouldn’t have mind if the time could have stopped for a while.
Second Valley, Ocean, Travel Hotspot, South Australia
Second Valley, Travel Hotspot, South Australia
Second Valley, Travel Hotspot, Round Hills, South Australia
Second Valley, South Australia, Travel Hotspot
Second Valley

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