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TRAVEL DIARY / #8: On the road again

14 April 2017
Laatste update: 19 April 2017

It’s done. We are done. Our working days in Australia are finally over! After working for almost half a year on a farm and in a wine cellar, we just finished our last working day. Since yesterday we are officially unemployed again (that never felt so good!) and we can spend our time backpacking around the rest of Australia – and the rest of the world. And this time for a really long time.

It’s such a relieve that we are done working in Australia. I mean, of course we are not allowed to complain – it was our own decision to work in Australia and we earned a lot of money by doing that – but it just feels SO GOOD that we finished our last day of work. Because to be honest, the work was not always that amazing, even though we absolutely had pretty good jobs for backpackers.

Exhausting work

I will write an extensive post about our experiences with working in Australia in the near future, but I can tell you already that the work was exhausting. Really exhausting. Not only because it was really a physical job we had, but also because I had problems sleeping and regularly I was awake between 3.30 / 4.00 AM. While the alarm was supposed to go off at 5.00 AM (or even worse, not at all during the weekends!). Yeah, I know it’s weird and it didn’t make me happy at all as you can imagine.

The benefit of physical work is that my condition has NEVER been so good as it is now. I have the feeling I can run a marathon straight away. And we can travel for almost a year with the money we earned in Australia. How awesome is that?! But to really enjoy our upcoming travels we decided to stay another week here in Yenda, to sleep in a lot and to pack the car slowly. We need it. I also have some time now to work on my blog (you never know when you have internet again in Australia) and my boyfriend is busy practicing to make travel movies.
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Put ourselves on hold

It feels so good to put ourselves on hold for now and to go away slowly. You have no idea how tempting it is to jump in the car now straight away and to drive with full speed away and to leave this place in Australia forever behind us, but that would be a stupid thing to do. So I hope I can get a normal sleeping routine again this week and to find some rest so we can go to Melbourne this Friday with a lot of energy. Yes, that will be our first destination. And it won’t be the last one for a long time.

Our travel plans for the coming weeks are pretty much settled, but after that it’s still a bit of a blur. We know for sure that we go to Melbourne, after that we will drive the Great Ocean Road and we go for almost three weeks to Tasmania. After Tasmania we will go up the east coast towards Cairns. At long last we will go back to Sydney to sell the car and to earn maybe a couple of dollars more in case we will miss the work too much (yeah, sure). Maybe we even got some time to drive back along Alice Springs, but we have to see how much time we need to do everything we want. We still have no clue what we want to visit at the east coast anyway.
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And after that?

Of course we are not done traveling at that point. Our time in Australia goes so fast and as we speak we are in this country already for seven months. In about four months we will fly back to the Netherlands for a couple of weeks, but after that we continue our journey, as you can read here [LINK!]. By the end of this month we will apply for a visa for New Zealand. It will still take a year before we go there, because in between we continue our travels in Asia first. But we have to apply for it now, otherwise we are too late to get it (age problem).

It’s weird that our working life in Australia has come to an end. At one hand it feels like we’ve been working for ages, but at the other hand it feels like yesterday when we arrived in Sydney. Traveling and finishing work felt so far away at that moment. But that time is finally here and now we can do all the things we wished for at the moment we decided to take the step to fly to the other side of the world: to explore the world and to enjoy every single moment of it.

PS. Curious where I took this pictures? This is the village we stayed in these last months! Travel Diary

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