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One of the highlights in Melbourne? The colorful graffiti lanes! Everywhere around the city centre of Melbourne you will find hidden alleys with amazing, bright street art. Get lost, explore and go to places in the city you normally wish to avoid.

Melbourne is like a treasury full of jewels. On every corner of the street you can be sure to find another hidden gem. It might be in the form of an historic building, or you will find it in a cosy bar. Thing is, Melbourne is a place where you will never get bored. One of those jewels? The graffiti lanes in Melbourne! Around the city centre you can find lots of alleys with walls full of street art. Just go explore and wander around the centre for a couple of hours to explore these sometimes hidden graffiti lanes. To show you which graffiti lanes in Melbourne you simply cannot miss, I will show you where you need to go to.

Drewery Lane and Sniders Lane

From our hostel we started our journey through the graffiti lanes in Melbourne and first we arrived in Drewery Lane and Sniders Lane. These alleys are not really known for a lot of graffiti, but it’s however still a place you should go visit. The walls are filled with some mosaic of colorful stones that are definitely worth to see. You will find them everywhere around Drewery Lane. Sniders Lane is a short alley and at the end of it you will find a big piece of street art in the form of two half-naked women. Next to this stunning piece of art there is a really awesome bar: Sister Bella. You barely see it, but if you want to go out for a drink, head there. You won’t be disappointed.

Tattersalls Lane and Stevenson Lane

We pass Caledonian Lane on our way to Tattersalls Lane and Stevenson Lane. Caledonian Lane is a lane full of graffiti, but we are unfortunate enough to barely see it. The street is blocked with trucks to supply the stores and there is nothing more we can do than just continue our journey. Tattersalls Lane and Stevenson Lane were by far my favorite alleys. You know, some graffiti lanes in Melbourne are beautiful, but the street art not that exciting. It’s different for these two alleys. You can see that some really good artists have worked here and you can find some stunning pieces of art, like the one in the picture on top of this article. Great, right?

Union Lane

Union Lane is a long, colorful graffiti lane around the special arcades in Melbourne. A contrast? You bet! During our exploration of the graffiti lanes we also visited these arcades in between. A whole other world. I personally prefer the graffiti lanes. Union Lane is one of the longest alleys in Melbourne full of colorful street art, therefore we spent some time around here. Oh, and if you are here, make sure you visit Centre Place and Degraves Street as well. You can find a bit more street art around there, but it’s also the perfect place for a coffee break on the street.

Hosier Lane

The best known graffiti lane of all graffiti lanes must be Hosier Lane. In every alley we just met a few people, but this one is suddenly full of people staring at the walls. Yes, we were definitely not the only ones. I guess it’s a highlight in the Lonely Planet. But does that fact make this lane also the most beautiful one? Well, it comes close to that yes. First of all you will find the most pieces of street art of all graffiti lanes in Melbourne around here. So even if there are a lot of people watching the art, it’s not difficult to find a small, quiet place to enjoy the graffiti as well. And it’s so colorful! But in my honest opinion, I still prefer Tattersalls Lane and Stevenson Lane.

AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place

We almost finish our walk in the graffiti lanes and the last alleys we visit are AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place, two places we also visited on the free walking tour we did. As the song says, there is a highway to hell, but this is a laneway to heaven. Let us rock. With these words AC/DC Lane was officially opened in 2004 and since then a lot of artists left their mark around here. Here you will find some big and stunning pieces of street art. Not a bad place to end your journey along the graffiti lanes in Melbourne!

Where can you find the graffiti lanes in Melbourne

Do you want to visit the graffiti lanes in Melbourne as well? Like I said: just go explore and wander around the city centre. That’s the best way to do it. However, if you have less time and you want to make sure you will find these places, just use the map below.

graffiti lanes in Melbourne | street art

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