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Thai recipe: how to make Thai chicken with cashew nuts

22 August 2015
Groene groenten op een markt met koopman.
Laatste update: 6 December 2018

If there is one world kitchen I love the most, no doubt I will choose the Thai kitchen. After traveling around Thailand for the first time and eating some incredible dishes, I straight away signed up for a cooking class in Chiang Mai. I was happy to make there one of my favorite dishes ever: Thai chicken  with cashew nuts. 

One of the things I learned during this cooking class is that Thai food is absolutely not hard to make at all. For some dishes you just need a few ingredients to turn it into something amazingly tasty. The only ‘bad’ thing about cooking Thai when not being in Asia, is when it comes to fresh ingredients, you might not find them all. But if you try to buy as much as you can in an Asian supermarket, you will definitely find enough. And use your creativity as well. 

Making your own Thai chicken with cashew nuts   

What I like the most about Thai chicken with cashew nuts is that it’s a very tasteful dish, but not really spicy. That combination makes it a favorite for a lot of people. The mix between cashew nuts, garlic and a light bit of red pepper, together with some healthy vegetables, makes it a personal favorite for me. And the awesome thing is, you can make it vegetarian so easy as well. 

Ingredients (for 1 person)

• 2-3 pieces of garlic
• a mix of onion, baby corn and mushrooms, cut in pieces
• 1 spring onion, cut in pieces
• a handful of cashew nuts
• 50 gr of chicken
• 1 dried large red chili (personal preference)
• 1 tsp sugar (I always leave the sugar out)
• 2 tsp fish sauce
• 3 tsp oyster sauce

Heat up two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan using high heat. Don’t use olive oil for this. After that, put the chopped garlic in the pan. When you can smell the garlic well, put the dried chili and the chicken in the pan. Add the vegetables when the chicken is ready, except the spring onion. Stir at high heat and add sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce. Keep on stirring. When it’s almost ready you can add the spring onion and the cashew nuts. Serve it together with rice. That’s it! 

Vegetarian options

Nowadays I eat more and more vegetarian, so I like to try dishes in different ways. When you order a vegetarian Thai chicken with cashew nuts in a Thai restaurants, they often replace the chicken with tofu. However, another great option is using fried mushrooms. You can replace the fish sauce for soy sauce and the oyster sauce for mushroom sauce as well. 

Een bord met het Thaise gerecht Thaise kip met cashewnoten.

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