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Hi! My name is Danique (1990) and in 2017 I started The Wandering Mind. This is the place where I combine my two great passions: traveling and writing. Add to that the fact that I love nothing more than helping other people make their travel dreams come true, and you’ll understand why I started this online travel magazine. 

The fact that I love to help other people with their travels was born out of my own fear. For years I dreamed of traveling around the world. But no money, fear for the unknown and a partner who didn’t want to travel stopped me. 

Until I was completely done with that in 2014. I ended my relationship, cancelled my rent, saved thousands of euros in six months and left for Thailand with a one-way plane ticket. Still full of fear, but after a few days I already knew that there was no need for this fear at all. Because traveling was fantastic!

When I was back on Dutch soil after six months, I missed travelling enormously. Whether it was coincidence or meant to be, we will never know, but soon I got to know my boyfriend Daan. At that moment he was just about to sell his house to travel indefinitely.

Five months later we were on a plane to Australia together. And in the end we travelled the world together for 2.5 years. We now live in the Netherlands again, but travelling remains our passion. The freedom, the beautiful cultures, the wonderful people you meet. Although we are ‘home’ again for now, I know that the world has a lot more in store for us in the future.


Name: Danique Plaatzer
Age: 30
Favorite countries: Thailand, Nepal and New Zealand
Favorite destinations: Pokhara in Nepal and Koh Lanta in Thailand
Favorite way of travelling: Backpacking and low-budget, with a tiny bit of luxury ;-)
Favorite food: Thai food
Most impressing travel experience: A multi-day hike through the Himalayas to the Annapurna Base Camp
Most depressing travel experience: A bus accident in Laos which forced us to temporarily return to the Netherlands.
Bucketlist: Travelling around South America

And some facts about myself:

  • Originally I’m from the north of the Netherlands, but nowadays I live together with my boyfriend Daan in the south and it feels like home.
  • I run my own company (Digital Roadmap) and help other entrepreneurs with a story to get a high position in Google. In addition, I write SEO texts for organizations in the travel industry.
  • We lived for three months in Thailand, nine months in Australia and eight months in New Zealand.
  • I studied in Amsterdam and then worked as an editor at a book publisher.
  • Our dream is to start a bed and breakfast abroad someday. But where and how exactly, we are still discovering that.

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