Hi there! We are Danique and Daan. Back in 2014 I (Danique) started traveling solo for the first time and since then I’m in love with the world… What started with a short solo trip to Spain, ended in a half-year taking solo backpack trip around Southeast Asia and the United States, some citytrips in Europe and now in an unlimited ‘travel the world plan’ together.

We got to know each other back in 2016, exactly at the moment when Daan came back from a solo trip to Costa Rica, planning on selling his house and giving up his job to travel Australia and the rest of the world. Not the most convenience moment you can say to fall in love, but we decided to go for it anyway and to travel together. I gave up my rent as well, did continue working as a freelance copywriter and together we bought a plane ticket for September 2016 to the other side of the world.

Today we are on the road for more than one and a half year, and we’re still going strong. In that time we worked and traveled for nine months in Australia, and the rest of the time we were traveling around Singapore, Bali, Southern Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal and we went back to the Netherlands as well for a bit to visit family and friends. At this moment (april 2018) we’re working in Auckland, New Zealand before traveling the country.


The Wandering Mind

With The Wandering Mind we hope to convince everyone who wants it to explore the world as well, to enjoy life and traveling, to break with the daily habits and to follow their dreams. We found our happiness in traveling, you might find it somewhere else. That is why The Wandering Mind is not a common travel blog, because we also like to write a bit about the mind. We also take you with us on our travels by sharing our travel diaries and travel movies.

Who is doing what part

The big difference between us: the one person loves to write and the other one certainly not. That’s the reason why all the articles on The Wandering Mind are written by Danique. Luckily the other one loves movies, so all the travel movies are made by Daan. Photos by camera are mostly taken by Danique, Aerial photos by Daan. Pretty simple, right?

Where have we been:

Australia – Austria – Belgium – Cambodia – Costa Rica – Curaçao – Egypt – England – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Indonesia – Ireland – Italy – Laos – Luxemburg – Malaysia – Mexico – Myanmar – Nepal – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Panama – Poland – Portugal – Scotland – Singapore – Slovenia – Spain – Thailand – Turkey – United States – Vietnam – Sweden – Switzerland.

Go with us on this journey. Let us take you to other countries. To other cultures. To the most fantastic places where you can go to as well. Let us convince you that you don’t have to be afraid of the world. You are strong enough to handle the world. Let us inspire you through our travel diaries. On a journey without an end. Let us help you to get to know yourself, your powers and your dreams, and to let you chase those dreams. Wherever you are on planet earth. The road is endless; life isn’t. Let’s go for it together. 

Fernweh Media

Are you looking for a Dutch (travel)blogger for your company? Or someone to take care of your social media channels? I (Danique) can help you with that. Next to The Wandering Mind I work as a copywriter and editor for my own company Fernweh Media. Take a look on the website (it’s in Dutch) or contact me for any more details.

Fernweh Media

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