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7 June 2017

Quitting while knowing you’re probably at the peak of your travels. It’s a decision so many people have to make, but it can be so hard sometimes to make that decision on time. We thought for weeks and finally we’ve made also our decision. We quit. No worries, not with each other and not with traveling. Not at all. But we will stop traveling around Australia…

We finished a chapter. Closed a book. Our adventure in Australia has come to an end earlier than we’ve planned. But isn’t that how it always goes with traveling? You can make amazing plans and chase your dreams, but reality somehow needs to fit in the whole picture as well.

Our dream was to see a lot of beautiful things in Australia and to earn a lot of money; reality was that those beautiful things were not always that amazing. We did earn quite some money, but somehow the money disappeared faster than we expected, without doing anything special.

We went to Australia with the idea of working and traveling for two years. To earn money to see the country and the rest of the world. Pretty fast we decided to not do this second year straight away after the first year. We thought that traveling to other countries in between would be good for a change. In the end we have spent here around nine months, fairly shorter than expected. Why we decided to leave Australia earlier is something I will tell about another time, but for now I like to share the exciting news:

At the moment we sell our car, we will continue our travels to Malaysia and/or Indonesia. 

Maybe our dreams and plans didn’t come entirely true in Australia, luckily they were part of a much bigger dream: to see the world. And that’s why we will travel to Southeast Asia for now, a couple of months earlier than our original plan. I am excited.

As soon as we sell our car in Sydney (that can actually still take a bit because of the winter), we will go to Malaysia and Indonesia. From that moment on we can travel with our backpacks, busses and boats again, instead of our stuff packed in our own car. Suddenly a new chapter in our travel adventure is about to begin. I am so looking forward to go back to my beloved Southeast Asia. To explore the culture and to learn new life lessons. It feels a bit weird that we are going to leave Australia. Everything went so fast! But it’s for the best. Chapter Australia is finished for now.

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