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    PERSONAL / A new chapter

    Quitting while knowing you’re probably at the peak of your travels. It’s a decision so many people have to make, but it can be so hard sometimes to make that decision on time. We…

    7 June 2017
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    LIFE / Personal: Our future travel plans

    We still have months to travel around in Australia. Yet we decided to make new travel plans already. We both prefer to travel without any plans and just to see what the future will…

    26 January 2017
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    LIFE / Personal: Traveling through 2016

    2016. Again a year with amazing travels. A year wherein I could make the most amazing memories, I got the chance to see stunning places and could tick off one continent and three new…

    6 January 2017
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    LIFE / Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everybody! I hope 2017 will be an amazing year for everyone. A year that everyone will enjoy, wherein the world will find a little bit more peace and everyone can follow…

    1 January 2017
  • Personal

    PERSONAL / Why I changed my blog

    It only feels like yesterday when I wrote down the first letters for my new blog I just made. Looking forward to a big upcoming travel adventure and filled with a lot of enthusiasm,…

    31 December 2016
  • Personal

    LIFE / Personal: a new beginning

    Sometimes a new beginning is just all you need in your life. New beginnings motivate you, make you enthusiastic and will give you new inspiration, goals and desires. New beginnings can be scary at…

    30 December 2016
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    LIFE / Merry Christmas!

    Kerst is nog niet over of een nieuwe kerst staat voor mijn gevoel alweer voor de deur. Ongelooflijk hoe snel een jaar voorbij is gegaan, hoeveel er veranderd is, en alles toch ook voelt…

    24 December 2016
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    LIFE / Personal: We are on the road again

    Yes, we are on the road again! After working on a farm in New South Wales since October, we finished our last working day and we are now traveling again around Australia in our…

    19 December 2016
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    LIFE / Personal: Our beloved minivan

    When I decided to go with my boyfriend to Australia we immediately agreed with one thing: we wanted to buy a car so we would have the freedom to go wherever we wanted to…

    22 October 2016
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    LIFE / Count Down: 40 Days Left!

    Whut?! Is it already August? Now already? That’s not even possible right? July just started. And June went so fast already as well. Before we know, August is gone. And then there are just…

    1 August 2016