Hi! I am Danique. A travel bug bit me back in 2014 and I never found a cure to solve the problem… So since that time the main thing I do in my life is traveling around. What started with a short solo trip to Spain, ended in a half-year taking solo backpack trip around Southeast Asia and the United States, some citytrips in Europe and now in an unlimited ‘travel the world plan’ with my boyfriend.

I was born in the Netherlands where I studied Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam. For a while I was working as an independent editor for different publish companies. But in the meantime I was dreaming about traveling and exploring the world. I didn’t do it. I was too afraid to take a step into the unknown. Until everything changed back in 2014 and I finally jumped into that deep, dark ocean. It wasn’t scary at all in the end. It was amazing.

So in 2015 I left the Netherlands behind me for a six-month taking trip. First with the idea of only going to Southeast Asia, but I also ended up in the United States and Panama. When I got back home I felt restless. Within a month I had my own place to live again and enough work to do, but that was just not what I wanted anymore. There was so much more to see and to do around the world! But at the moment I decided to go back traveling again, destiny decided as well to play with me. I met a really amazing guy and fell in love. Luckily enough, he was just selling his house and quitting his job to travel the world…

And here we are now, together, in Australia. We bought a car and are currently traveling and working around this stunning continent. And there are so many more adventures ahead of us around the world.

Go with me on this journey. Let me take you to other countries. To other cultures. To the most fantastic places where you can go to as well. Let me convince you that you don’t have to be afraid for the world. You are strong enough to handle the world. Let me inspire you through my travel diaries. On a journey without an end. Let me help you to get to know yourself, your powers and your dreams, and to let you chase those dreams. Wherever you are on planet earth. The road is endless; life isn’t. Let’s go for it together.

Where I have been:

Australia – Belgium – Cambodia – Czech Republic – England – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Indonesia – Ireland – Italy – Laos – Luxembourg – Malaysia – Mexico – Myanmar – Netherlands – Panama – Portugal – Scotland – Singapore – Spain – Thailand – United States of America – Vietnam

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